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Modern Trading (Pvt) Ltd, is mostly involved in the Construction Solutions Industry, providing solutions in the forms of,

Waterproofing Products
Interior and Exterior Paints
Pavement Solutions
Wood Coatings
Many other Construction requirements.

We represent some of the leading construction solutions companies in the world, that are well known, recognized and highly experienced, in providing the best and most innovative solutions to household and industrial problems.


Exclusive Agent in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Australia and the UK for, Dong Hae Chemical Industrial Co. Ltd, Korea.


Exclusive Agent in Sri Lanka, Maldives, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Oman, for TEAIS, Spain.


Exclusive Agent in Sri Lanka and the Maldives for TOA Paints, Thailand.


Modern Trading (Pvt) Ltd is known for offering its consumers, products that can be guaranteed for the specific requirement or purpose. Hence, it is our policy, to only import Quality products from companies reputed Internationally for manufacturing superiority.

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